Concordia University System owns and operates the Concordia Administrative Information System [CAIS] to provide collaborative licensing/maintenance of common software, technical support and services to CUS schools and other LCMS entities.

CAIS provides support and services that are of a superior technical quality, available in a timely manner, and at a cost that is a good value.

CAIS accomplishes its purposes by maintaining a primary service center with competent staff, by encouraging mutual aid and cooperation among staff members at the various institutions, by facilitating the interchange of technical knowledge and experience, and by utilizing a participant-led governance model.


  • Working Together.   God has provided each of us with a unique set of gifts and talents. By working together, we are better able to use those gifts and talents to accomplish far more than we can individually.  Working together gives us the opportunity to develop better solutions and to anticipate and respond to problems.  We encourage collaboration amongst our clients, so that all can benefit from the work of others. We realize that open two-way communication is vital to achieving the goal of working together.
  • Respect and Compassion.  We recognize that each individual is highly valued.  We strive to encourage each other and our clients to grow, and always treat them with the highest respect.  In all situations, we try to look at the situation not only from our point of view but also from the other’s point of view, and work to reach mutually acceptable solutions.
  • Empowerment.   Having appropriate policies, procedures, tools and information are in place, enable us to achieve empowerment in the workforce.   We seek to empower our staff and clients to aid in the overall success of development of new and innovative ideas and problem solving.
  • Change.  Change is one part of life that is continuous in nature.  We strive to embrace change by working with others to understand it, to prepare for it, to evaluate it, and to assess the results achieved by it.  This is a circular process that we seek to embrace as we move forward.
  •  Leadership.  Leaders bring people together to work on a common goal.  We work with a participatory governance model where decision making is shared by members of our team and our clients.  As leaders, we look for ways to keep everyone focused on the common goal for the long-term benefits of all.
  •  Stewardship.  To balance the needs of our clients, we strive to put all our available resources to the best possible use. This is accomplished by being accountable and transparent in our activities. This in turn helps us to provide excellent service that will be to the greatest benefit to our clients.
  •  Creativity and Innovation.  Embracing these two values assist in helping to develop better more cost effective solutions.  We encourage creativity and innovation in both problem solving as well as the development of new ideas.
  •  Continual Learning.  In order to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology and the products we support, we must be active in embracing continual learning which in turn provides benefits for ourselves and our clients.
  •  Balance.   We realize that we need a balance between our professional careers and our personal life.  We recognize all have responsibilities outside of work which include family and friends, church, and community.  We also realize we have a personal responsibility to care for ourselves – our mind, body, and soul.  We strive to achieve a proper balance so to remain healthy in all aspects of our life, so that we can fully devote our energy to the mission at hand.